Here are some comments by some of our clients:

"My Aunt lived alone. . . far from any family members.  She was diagnosed with dementia and needed help with her daily care and (on-going monitoring).  (Our care manager) worked with us for approximately 6 years.  As my Aunt declined and needed more and different kinds of care, I turned to (my care manager) for advice, referrals to other agencies and eventually moving my Aunt to the proper Assisted Living facility for the level of care that was appropriate for her condition.  (My care manager) is a true professional, with expertise and knowledge of her field and always had the best recommendations as my Aunt's needs became greater.  She, above all, is kind and caring and was my support as I dealt with all of the issues involved in caring for a loved one.  I recommend her without any hesitation.  If I ever need this kind of service again, I hope that she would be available to work with me.  She made a very difficult situation doable."  M.B., New York, N.Y.


"My husband had many chronic medical conditions and also had some small strokes.  I took care of him by myself for several years. By the time I was referred to (Serenity), I was becoming a nervous wreck.  I was starting to have physical problems but all of my energy was focused on him.  Serenity provided . . .  services to my husband and me for over two years.  (My care manager) assisted us in many ways, such as dealing with the insurance and getting services. She helped me to cope with lots of the problems that came up.  She got some relief for me, which helped me to regain my health. My husband was able to stay at home most of the time and I will never regret that.  (She) is an excellent care manager and a very nice person.  I would recommend her because she is compassionate, understanding and very knowledgeable about resources.  She is also well-organized and persistent.  Although my husband was the patient, she really helped me to take better care of myself, too."  P.S., Millbrae, CA


"Your care of my mother was extraordinary.  Despite the complexity of her situation, you were able to ensure that she was always managed with dignity and grace.  You communicated this to her caregivers and it was keenly observed by the physicians and other staff who worked with her.  Many thanks for helping us through some very difficult times."  T.D., San Francisco, CA


"Remember, I complained about my unsafe oven? The apartment managers did not do anything for months until you contacted them.   Thank you so much for the help that you extended to me.  As of this afternoon, they brought me a new stove!  I want to thank you so much, I don't know how I can thank you enough."  J.D., South San Francisco, CA


"Please accept my gratitude for your care of my Uncle.  I know it must be a difficult adjustment for him to change his home environment.  Thank you for making my Uncle's transition more comfortable and for watching over him.  I live too far away to be with him as much as I would like.  I truly appreciate your counsel to me, it means a lot."  R.C., Tustin, CA


"I wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful care and attention you have given the family.  It was very difficult to accept my father's diagnosis and to go through that whole crisis period.  You were a great help in our decision-making and planning, and in getting the services we need.  Things are much more stable now.  I would have been lost without your support."  L.B., Portland, OR






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