Staying In Charge

Staying in charge of one's life means being able to make choices with as much independence as possible.  For many seniors, maintaining independence involves staying at home, or keeping elderly loved ones at home, for as long as we can.  For others, it means being able to transition to a smaller apartment or to Assisted Living as needs change.  As we grow older, independence requires enough flexibility to realize that sometimes, we need a helping hand from family, friends or community resources.  Knowing when to reach out for help and where to find it are positive signs that a person is still in control.

Serenity Senior Support Services' care managers will help you to get the services and support that you need to stay in charge.  We work directly for you, wherever you might be at the moment, to carry out your plan of action.  Many people find that our services are very valuable when they are transitioning from a hospital stay or are leaving a rehabilitation program and need to find trustworthy help at home.  Some find that developing a care plan that helps them get transportation to the doctor and services like Meals on Wheels reduces worries, while others find that on-going assistance with paying bills or having someone check to see how they are doing increases their security.  For family caregivers, taking charge may involve recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses and setting boundaries with the help of a care manager who understands.

In fragmented health systems, private care management ensures better continuity of care and keeps people from "falling through the cracks."  We can help you as you move through different stages and settings, helping to maintain independence in the community and advocating for you throughout different levels of care from hospital to rehabilitation center to home.  We answer to our clients and families rather than to an insurance company or to the facility that a person may be in temporarily, and we put your needs first.  No matter where you are or what you are going through, talking with a care manager will help you to see how you can take important steps to stay in charge.  Contact Serenity Senior Support Services at 650-991-5141 to find out how we can help you.

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