Needs Assessment

The needs assessment is an essential element of helping you and your family. It is a process of collecting in-depth information about a client's situation and functioning in order to develop a comprehensive care management plan. During your initial call to Serenity, a care manager will help you to determine whether a brief consultation or a more detailed care plan is required. The care manager will make an appointment to meet with you to assess your needs and to discuss the most appropriate ways of seeing that those needs are met.  Depending on your situation, we may meet with you at your home, or if you are a caregiver, at the home of your loved one.  If you or your loved one are hospitalized or in a skilled nursing facility, we will meet with you there.  During the needs assessment, we will talk about issues like:

* What are the problems that you are facing? 

* How is the client's health?  What are his or her medical diagnoses?  What medications does the client need and is he or she able to take them independently?

* What are the client's strengths and weaknesses?  What are his or her functional capabilities?  This may include the client's mobility and evaluation of the client's abilities to handle activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating and moving in and out of bed.

* How is the client's mental and cognitive functioning?  Have there been changes in the client's ability to remember, or to do things like use the telephone or handle money?  Is the client or the family caregiver struggling with depression or other emotional problems?

* What are the client's resources?  This might include discussion of the client's ability to pay for help, and whether finances might be having an impact in areas such as the client's health, nutrition or residence.

 * Who are the family members and friends who are involved with the client, and what are the sources of social support for the client and the family caregiver?

* What kinds of assistance are the client and the family caregiver receiving?  What are the areas in which more help is needed?

In addition to direct contact with the client and the family caregiver, the care manager may also want to gather information from other relevant resources such as the client's doctor.  A thorough needs assessment is important in enabling the care manager to work with you to develop the best care plan for the client and family.

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