Monitoring & Advocacy

 After Serenity's care managers have assisted you with assessment, care planning and service coordination, we will follow-up by monitoring to see how things are working out.  Monitoring is the ongoing process of gathering information from relevant sources to ensure that we are achieving the goals that were set out in the care plan.  We want to determine the effectiveness of the plan and to evaluate whether we need to modify or change it so that we will continue to reach the desired outcomes.  Monitoring involves checking in with the elder and/ or family to see if there has been any progress and any changes that may require additional services or supports.  For elders who do not have family or friends nearby, the care manager can be an important source of ongoing support by monitoring regularly, "keeping an eye" on how the person is doing and how things are going.

As client advocates, Serenity's care managers have the safety, health and quality of life of the elder as our first priorities.  We promote healing and healthy lifestyles, and facilitate empowerment through education and resources.  We want to decrease the impact of disabilities and chronic illnesses by helping our clients navigate through fragmented health and social service systems.  We work in partnership with our clients to reduce barriers to health such as problems with medication adherence, lack of transportation to doctor's appointments, or communication difficulties with providers.  This involves advocacy such as contacting health and social service providers, equipment suppliers and claims departments to advance our client's interests and to keep costs down.  Advocacy is aimed at ensuring that our clients receive the most appropriate and best quality services while conserving financial resources.

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