Long-Distance Caregiving

Caregivers who live many miles away face additional challenges in making sure that their distant loved ones are getting what they need.  Without being present to see what is actually going on, the caregiver's concerns about their elder's safety, nutrition and healthcare can be intensified by the distance between them.  Serenity's care managers can help caregivers to assess the situation and identify what elders need to remain home as long as possible.  We can help you to establish contacts and to utilize resources that enable you to coordinate care from a distance.  This might involve developing a care plan that will ensure that your loved one is receiving support such as home-delivered meals, transportation and companion services, or on-going assistance from a trustworthy caregiver.  In some situations, it might involve helping the family to find a higher level of care for the elder, such as an Assisted Living apartment. 

We can monitor how your loved one is doing on a regular basis, coordinate appointments with doctors and other professionals, respond in person in case of emergencies, and make periodic reports to keep you updated.  We can also help you to make the most of your visits by handling some of the "footwork" for you and helping you plan to use time more effectively.  This might involve making appointments with professionals so that you can participate in any decision-making and meeting with friends, neighbors and family to discuss any problems that they might notice and any help that they might be able to give.  Working with a care manager who understands you and your loved one can help you to focus on what is most important while you are together and leaves you more precious time to reconnect with your loved one by doing the things that you enjoy doing together.  Learn more about our services to long-distance caregivers by clicking on Our Services, and by calling Serenity at 650-991-5141.

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