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How Care Management Can Help You

Do you need help coping with problems or want to grow older gracefully at home? Are you worried about staying independent?  Or are you taking care of an aging loved one and feeling lots of stress?  Our private care management services can help to resolve your concerns. Care management is an affordable service that enables seniors and families to get their needs met with less confusion, frustration and anxiety. Our care managers are board-certified professionals who understand what you are facing and know how to cut through "red tape" to help you get the care, services and support best suited to your situation.

Serenity Senior Support Services offers a wide range of services to elders, families and long-distance caregivers.  We assess what is needed, plan and coordinate services, monitor and evaluate how things are working out and advocate for you. We offer practical and emotional support in working through problems and difficult decisions.  For family caregivers, managing emotions and finding time for yourself can be especially hard.  Caregiver advice, relief and education, as well as referrals and our resource lending library can be very useful.  As professionals who have experienced family caregiving ourselves, we are dedicated to helping elders stay at home as long as possible and to strengthening family caregiver's abilities to support their loved ones throughout changing circumstances.

Look towards tomorrow confidently, knowing that you are not alone.

Whether you simply want a consultation or need more comprehensive services, call us today. You will find that a competent, compassionate care manager is someone to lean on in a crisis, and someone you can count on over time.

Serenity Senior Support Services means “peace of mind.”

Let us help you find your way.
It can be hard to know which way to turn.  The systems that provide healthcare and other essential services are often fragmented, difficult to understand, and unresponsive.  At times, you may feel lost.  We have the resources and information to point you in the right direction.  We will help you to make informed decisions, advocate for you, and find ways to make things better.
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